Don’t tie up a laptop at a tradeshow
when an inexpensive video
player will do.

Convert your PowerPoint presentation to VIDEO
and use your laptop for collecting prospects.
You've worked hard to make a good slideshow of your services and inventory, now you can make it work harder for you. We'll convert your presentation to a video that you can use as a carefree sales representative. You can send it to prospects or let it loop during your next tradeshow.

Good laptops are expensive and often used to drive presentations at shows. Software that we use makes a video from your PowerPoint presentation that can then be burned onto a DVD or saved to a jump drive. Instead of wearing out your laptop drive, purchase a DVD player (less than $50) and a TV. OR get a new tv that supports usb video sources. Save your laptop to harvest prospects at the show.

You could even raffle off the TV at the end of the show and use press releases for free advertising before, during and after the show.
PowerPoint to Video
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