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How To Get There:

FIRST: Planning! This is the hardest and most important part of the process. It is where you plan your site and determine the marketing message you want to convey. The importance of identifying pictures that tell your story and drafting the accompanying text can not be overstated. Visitors to your site need to be able to catch your message at a glimpse. The photos need to draw them in and want to read your message.

This is also when you can come up with a name for your site.
The www.yourname.com that you will use so that people can locate your site. Come up with alternative names too in case the original name is already in use.

SECOND: Rent a Name & Space! To have your own site, you need a registered name and some space on a web-server. You rent these two components from a web service provider. The company I deal with the most offers a web name annual rental for $15 and a space service that begins at $5 per month. So, you can get started for a $20 investment and pay $5 per month after that. If you outgrow this space, there are larger rentals available. If you want a web store, there is a special space for this and the monthly rental is $15.

THIRD: Build It! I will build your site trough the following process:
- Re-digitize your photos to make them "web friendly" so they load quickly
- Format / edit your text so that it is easy to read
- Establish key words and a site map so search engines like Google can find your site
- Build your draft pages and post them on a test web space for your approval
- Finalize the pages and publish them to your own web space.

So, after we build your custom site, your annual cost for it to be available to the world is only $75 per year. In some cases, a basic small site, with linitations, can be published for as little as $15 per year.*

* This does not include building nor maintenance of your site