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One of our clients gave us the two images on the left and asked if we could make a few conversation photos for their Jewelry Shop. We "lifted" the necklaces off their display stands and "placed" them on a select group of actresses. Not only do the pictures promote conversation they highlight the elegance and craftsmanship of the jewelry.

PHOTO TIP: Not all pictures improve as much as you see here. It depends on the amount of information about the picture that the camera has captured. Basically, the larger the file, the more likely the image can be enhanced. When you take pictures, use the finest settings. You may not fit as many on your memory card but large prints will look better. Pictures auto saved for e-mail are less likely to be able to be enhanced.
Photo restoration is possible by scanning an image and then using tools to remove blemishes, some cracks, and adjust exposure. It takes time but the results can preserve a cherished memory.
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The old bridge pictures, above, show the advantage of enhancing digital images. The image on the left is the original as it came out of the camera. The one on the right was edited to bring out details and color that could not be seen in the original.
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