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Take a look at Honeybeads for beautiful hand crafted unique jewelry. Great gift ideas and vary reasonable prices. Jolie's work has been featured in Naples galleries in Florida and a number of locations on Long Island. Click the Honeybeads screen shot to visit her site.

Another client, Barry's Model Bridges, is based in England. Barry builds model railroad bridges and was featured in British Railway Modeling magazine. Also, one of his bridges appeared in The Monuments Men movie. Click his screen shot to learn more.

Let's Build A Web Site
If you are in S.W. Florida and want to experience it in a way you seldome get a chance to, take a kayak tour. They are fantastic.
Visit the Hudson Crossing Park site and join their e-newsletter to keep up to date on all the events that are held at this terrific place. As a volunteer Board Member we help promote events by maintaining their web site, flyers, Facebook page, and e-newsletter.
We designed the Friends of Saratoga Battlefield new membership trifold and seasonal issues of their hard copy newsletter.
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