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General Rules for Park Use

Please keep in mind that the park is managed and maintained by volunteers who work very hard to make your visits enjoyable. We ask that you respect their work and help to maintain this standard for other visitors by treating the space and facilities responsibly.

General Rules:
- The Park is open from dawn until dusk.
- The Park is carry-in/carry-out. This means that you leave the pavilion and Park as good as it was when you arrived.
- This is not a State Park and we do not have employees to pick up the grounds after you use the trails or facilities.
- Dogs must be leashed and their waste picked-up.
- The Play Garden area is designated as "smoke-free".
- Water on-site is not yet approved for drinking.

General Rules for Reserved Facility Use:
Reservations to use Park Facilities must be pre-approved.

- The general rules above also apply to reserved facilities.
- Be sure to take home anything that you bring for your event.
- Please do not use staples or pins to secure table cloths or party decorations.
- The Play Garden remains open to the public.
- If you plan to bring a grill be extremely careful with its fire. Let us know ahead of time and we will arrange to have an ash can for the used charcoal
- Some events will require proof of insurance
- Bring drinking water -.
- NOTE: The Pavilion has a restroom but the water is not potable. One Porta-Potty is on-site; if you expect a large crowd, an additional unit may be secured by us at your expense.

Should there be a change in your plans, please let me know as soon as possible.

You can reserve the pavilion for the whole day if needed or a few hours. We do not have an official fee for using it but people customarily make a donation via the "Donate" link on this page or by sending a check made out to Hudson Crossing Park and mailed to Hudson Crossing Park, P. O. Box 144, Schuylerville, NY 12871.

Please note: Despite having read the rules not to do so, a few continue to use staples and pins or similiar devices in the wooden tables and beams of the Pavilion. One party even left them for volunteers to remove and repair the damage they caused.
PLEASE do not use nails, pins, staples or similiar devices to attach decorations to the tables or frames of the pavilion.

Suggested Donation for use of Park facilities:

The Board of Directors is thrilled to see that the Park is growing in popularity and serving our community need for a uniquely beautiful outdoor gathering space.

Unfortunately, increased use generates an increased need for maintenance of the grounds and facilities. We encourage those who currently use the Park for a group event to consider the following donation suggestions.

- For groups with more than 10 guests and lasting more than two hours, a minimum suggested donation is $75.
- A typical donation to date for events of 50-100 people is $250+.
- Fundraising events often give back a minimum of 10% of proceeds to cover wear and tear on the Park.
(And of course, thank you notes sent to the Board by email or USPS or posted on our Facebook page are always appreciated!)

Thanks, we look forward to your continued enjoyment of the park and its grounds!